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Port Royal Book Cover   Port Royal

You may have read stories about Port Royal and the adventures of the infamous privateer/buccaneer Sir Henry Morgan. The stories are many and varied but here's one that beats them all. Here's the first story on Port Royal to be written by a Jamaican-born Canadian author that tells it like it could have been more than 300 years ago. This superb novel recaptures it colourfully, life in what became known then as the wickedest city on earth. You will be able to conclude why the city received that title and why the infamous Sir Henry Morgan was a hero to many and a ruthless pirate to some. Horane Smith, like he usually does, has made the characters as real as can be. The images will stir your imagination to take you back to those days when piracy reigned supreme, slavery flourished; yet there were those who still had a place in their hearts to love and to fight for survival and for justice.

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