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If you've enjoyed the excerpts, then you should be happy to know that the reviewers have good things to say too… I'm certain you have heard of John Prebble, the famous British best-selling author of novels such as Culloden, Zulu (made into hit movie), and Glencoe. He read Lover's Leap and sent me the following comments:

"I have now read it with great admiration for not only is it a bitter sweet love story in traditional terms but also a profound comment on a contemporary subject."

"…an engaging fictional account," Jim Fox, The Canadian Press (CP) wire service.

"Propelling…with playful tensions…vivid and defined," Priscilla Cotterell, British Book Reviewer

"…enough suspense to make the reader anxious to turn the page," Colin Rickards, The North American Gleaner

. "Horane Smith is no ordinary novelist," Julia Elliott, The Ottawa Citizen

"…once you have started, you will want to finish it," Barbara Ellington, the Daily Gleaner

There have been so many positive comments from my readers but time and space would not allow me to include them here. Many thanks to you all.