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by Shey Smith March 2005


Welcome. Thanks for coming. You are invited to spend a few minutes with me to learn more about my novels, and myself. You will also be able to read an excerpt from my popular novel, Lover's Leap: Based on the Jamaican Legend.

I'm a journalist by profession, having worked for twenty years in just about all areas of the media – radio, television, newspaper, magazine. However, as you can see, I'm now embarking on a new career – a novelist. Lover's Leap is my first. My other novels are Underground to Freedom, the highly acclaimed Port Royal
the just released The Lynching Stream, and soon to be released Reggae Silver.

The response to Lover's Leap has been overwhelming - thanks to my many readers (check reviews page). The cliché among my readers is "I couldn't put it down." I have to admit it is a gripping story and what makes it even more interesting is the popular Jamaican legend on which it is based. Lover's Leap is a very popular tourist attraction in Jamaica. It's a 1700 ft. cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, where legend has it that two slaves, after their secret romance had been exposed, jumped to their deaths rather than being separated.

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